Hi, I'm Ibraheem. You'll notice me as the inexplicably dashing figure sitting on the far left. To my right are my good friends Mo and Juan, respectively. There we were, wolfing down syrup-drizzled french toast and butter-topped waffles in a Salt Lake City IHOP on a spontaneous trip. At the time, I'd known Mo for 3 years, but Juan for only 2 days. Nevertheless, we hit it off and our gears began turning about potential impactful business ideas. 

We realized words and pictures are both so powerful. There's a reason we have captions for Instagram posts, and I bet memes wouldn't be nearly as funny if either the words or the picture were not included. The fusion of words and imagery is meaningful, and we want to reshape storytelling by coalescing words and pictures. 

We got started drawing, sketching, and ideating about ways we could make this happen. Sometimes the words looked too funky, sometimes the lettering broke the figures' outlines, and other times it looked too forced. But after weeks of experimenting, asking for our family and friends' opinions, and drawing and redrawing, we believe we've formed styles which work. I look at the image to the left and I vividly remember our breakfast -- the shared laughs, the reminiscing about the trip. But I'm also distinctly reminded of the passion and camaraderie that drove us to creating this business. My story.

That's what we want. For you to look at your portrait and immediately unearth the story for that specific moment -- for YOUR moment. Here at Story in a Picture, the three of us work tirelessly to breathe life into your photos to make that abundantly clear. And the reason we're so passionate about this? Because as we've seen, regardless of who you are, every picture has a story within it.